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Using Numerology In The Beauty Industry

By way of introduction, I’m Jo, Jo Soley and I am a business and marketing coach, who helps business owners and companies build their business and reach the next level of success.  I infuse the powers of numerology in my work with my clients, after embarking on my own journey with numerology, I understand myself on a different level and so many opportunities have opened up in my life and business.  

Numerology has transformed my life and business to such a degree that my services are now related to connecting my clients to the energies of the numbers that they are working within their life and business to help elevate their success.  

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Using the Powers of Numerology to Elevate Your Teams Success

By understanding your destiny number, the personal year you are working in and the meaning and expression of your name – numerology can help empower you to do the right thing at the right time in your career and consciously elevate your success through the power of numbers.  

So How Do We Use Numerology In Business?

A business is alive. It has its own name, character, style, brand, colour, flavour and much else besides.  Because it is alive it attracts and repels according to its nature. and its nature can be revealed through its numerology.

Although, in a solo-entrepreneur situation, the numbers of the person running the show will be very important, over time, as the business identity itself gains hold, the numbers of the business will start to operate independently of the numbers of the person. 

Then, when the business grows with a team, staff, employing contractors, moving to bigger premises, the energy of the business will step to the fore. Ultimately, this is where a business develops a life of its own and sustains itself almost regardless of what the business owner does.


Google Logo as of 10.10.2020.

A name is not who a business is, it is who the business appears to be, so people treat it like that, and to some extent it behaves like that.

G O O G L E = 7 = the seeker of wisdom = a search engine of information!

So, you can see from the example above that ‘GOOGLE’; expresses itself as a number 7.  7 is The Seeker.  Google is a search engine.

Introducing Numerology Into Our Business Helps Us Look At The Following Areas…

  • Our prime motivation our business is working from 
  • The vibration the business is working from 
  • Opportunities that are available to our business
  • The belief systems our business is working form

Prime Motivation

What is the prime motivation that you are operating from in your business? Understanding this, harnessing this and working from this place enables us to really connect to the direction of our business.


The word vibration in numerology is important. The theory of numerology rests on it. Everything in the universe vibrates and by using numbers in the form of metaphysical arithmetic, we can apply these vibrations as numbers to our business and lives. What vibration are you here to master through your business?


When your numeric energies are in alignment doors open. Cosmic tumblers align and opportunities are presented. You and your business will attract opportunities that are in a vibrational match with your numeric energies. What opportunities are you here to attract?

Belief System

We operate from a set belief system, and numerology shows you this, when you take this on board, you can understand what you think you thought was true and why that matters in your life. What belief system are you operating from?

4 tips for choosing your Beauty Business name

  1. Get inspired choose the name of your business before looking at the numeric energies
  2. Then check the numbers (This is where I can help you!)
  3. Using the name of the business owner is a wonderful way to take energetic ownership – there is little room to hide if you use your name!  What you see is what you get 😊
  4. Or you may come up with a great business name – let’s look at a few examples below …

Beauty Brush-up Logo

So the energy that clients, suppliers, and people who come across Beauty Brush up – will experience it as an 8 energy – which is The CEO, it is here to operate and administer business, work hard and have high standards, and be professional.  We can see this in the energy of The Beauty Brush up and the way it is set up and managed.


In contrast, the energy that Bizology gives off is a 3 energy – The Communicator, others will see Bizology as leading from the front, good on stage and creative and inspirational in its marketing and communication strategy.  Take a look at my website – www.josoley – you will see this playing out.


Nicky Clarke Logo as of 10.10.2020.

Another business in the beauty industry is Nikki Clarke, this hairdresser’s business appears as an expansive business, that takes on new ideas and is up for and embraces change.  5 is The Adventurer.

There is much more to your business name than you may realise! 

Jo is a business coach & mentor. She uses the power of numerology to help clients to move forward and create a successful business. To find out what your business name shows the world email to book in your complimentary Bizology Discovery call.

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