tips for designing your salon

Tips For Designing Your Salon

One of the things we spend a long time thinking about is how to design our salon; what colours? What to put where? How best to use space? How to glam up basic things? How to spruce up the place?

Alexander Thomas shares her top tips – both practical and style – for creating the perfect salon. She may even cover an area you haven’t even thought of!


If you don’t want to go to the hassle or expense of wallpapering or painting your space, there’s plenty of other ways you can add decoration to your salon. Wall stickers or decals are a great way to add pattern and colour as is artwork.

Mirrors are of course essential kit for most salons but as well as being practical, and help make smaller spaces feel larger, they can be decorative too and become a strong focal point of your scheme.

Lighting is another key element of decoration that you need to get right. Spotlights which can be can be repositioned if needed is a good idea. Wall lights near stations can also be a good idea and for treatment rooms the addition of dimmer switches is an absolute must.

The Reception Area 

First impressions count, so a stylishly decorated reception area – however small your space, is a must.

Of course, in the current climate, hand sanitiser is a must and masks on-hand for your clients to use. Instead of ugly plastic bottles, decant hand sanitiser into stylish soap dispensers (Ikea and John Lewis both have a good range of affordable designs) while simple small storage boxes are ideal for keeping masks handy while neatly stashed away.

A stylish sofa and chairs is a must too and don’t forget a coffee table for magazines and client drinks while they wait.

The Main Salon 

Think about little extras such as a hook on the wall close to each work station so clients can hang their bags rather than dumping them on the floor. 

Keeping stations neat and tidy is a must, so while you’ll probably be incorporating specialist salon furniture and equipment that doesn’t mean you can’t add some extra touches. A large vase for example could be perfect for housing brushes while small decorative trays could be used to store nail polishes.

And fresh flowers are always a good idea, so buy big bunches of seasonal blooms and a collection of small vases and add one to each station to add colour to each work station.

If you have any of your own tips, please do share them below.

Alexandra Thomas is a former journalist for a plethora of interiors magazines and websites including Real Homes, Grand Designs, KBB, and Ideal Home along with and

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