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Three Top Tips For Beauty Therapists Getting Started In The Industry

I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 18 years. During this time I’ve worked in multiple salons, improved various techniques, learned new ones, found my own way, been fired, set up my own business, and treated some of the worlds most elite – and I’ve done all of this with an immense passion for what I do. There’s been the odd challenge along the way but all in all, I’ve enjoyed every aspect.

During this time, I’ve learned an incredible amount so in this article I’m going to share my top three tips for beauty therapists who are just getting started in the industry. The following tips are in no particular order – they work alongside each other.

Tip One: Find and choose an area of beauty you thoroughly enjoy. If you love doing nails, or facials, or massages etc, focus on that. Work on your strongest point because that’s how you’ll build your client base. When you go to beauty college you’ll learn how to perform a whole array of treatments and there are so many different avenues to go down so you should work on your strongest point. You can, and should hone in on a particular treatment and become the go-to person for that treatment. You can, of course, still provide all the other treatments or just focus on the one. But being the go-to person for a particular treatment can help you make a bigger mark in the industry.

Tip Two: Your appearance in the industry is everything. How you look, how you dress, your hair, your nails, everything. I’m not saying have a full face of make-up every day but look clean, smart and well put together. If you’re deciding to focus on nails, make sure yours are immaculate. If eyebrows are your thing, make sure yours are always on-point. No one wants to have their treatments done by someone who doesn’t look the part so make sure you look yours.

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Tip Three: How you interact with your clients – both new and regular – says a lot about who you are, how you work, and how successful you’ll be in your role. There are ways to speak to each client and you’ll often get difficult clients so staying calm, composed, and polite is super important. It’s vital that you make your clients feel welcome and wanted at every appointment. Create a pleasant space for everyone and through your behaviour, environment, and caliber of treatments, you’ll have a whole roster of regular clients that you’ll enjoy seeing for years to come.

Being a beauty therapist is a demanding role. It can consist of long hours, difficult clients and regular training. However, it’s a highly rewarding role.

Your job is to make people feel better, look better, and feel more confident and in my opinion, there’s no better job.

Esther Sampson, Beauty By Design Ltd
Written exclusively for Beauty Brush-up.

Esther has worked in high-end salons in Selfridges, Royal Garden hotel, and David Lloyds Spas after qualifying in 2002. In 2008, Esther trained in eyelashes and was one of the first lash technicians to start offering this in London. Esther travels far and wide for her clients and counts some of the world’s elite amongst her clientele. You can follow see Esther’s work on her Instagram @beautybydesignltd.

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