beauty myths debunked (5)

7 Beauty Myths Debunked

It’s not a myth that the beauty industry is huge! In the UK alone, it’s worth approximately £28bn. With the industry being so great worldwide, and constantly expanding, it’s important to debunk some myths so that we can put our client’s minds at ease and provide treatments that everyone’s happy with.

  • 1. Eyebrows are sisters not twins. Tanya, celebrity eyebrow therapist, says that eyebrows can be twins. With the saying “eyebrows are sisters not twins” being so widely used in beauty, it allows or causes therapists to disregard balance. Tanya says “every eyebrow and face is different but you can get eyebrows as close as identical as possible. Don’t forget, even identical twins aren’t completely identical but they’re still twins”.
  • 2. Eyelash lift damages the lashes. As long as the process is done and products are applied correctly, there will be no damage to the lashes. Lashes grow out every 60-90 days. Once your new lashes have grown out, it’s time to re-perm them. A patch test is always advisable to prevent any allergies or irritation.
  • 3. A thicker coat of nail polish is better than a thin coat. It’s a common belief that if you apply a thick layer of polish or gel-polish, it will last longer. With normal polish, thin layers dry quicker and leaves a smoother finish. Thick layers dry slower therefore causing chips and wrinkles. The same goes for gel polish – thick coats can wrinkle under the LED lamp which in turn costs more time and uses up unnecessary polish.
  • 4. Trimming cuticles is necessary. Cutting the cuticles can cause infections & irritations and in some parts of the world, it’s actually illegal! The best method is to wet the cuticles, push back gently, and remove what’s hanging. You only remove what’s necessary and this way, you leave a nice, clean finish.
  • 5. Nails must be soaked in order to work on the cuticles. If you want to provide a mini-pampering session, then soaking the nails for a short time in warm, soapy water is perfectly OK. Soaking nails for too long can cause the cuticles to expand therefore potentially causing the therapist to cut off more than necessary. Soak for a short time, but ideally, use a water-based cuticle softener and gently push back as soon as you’ve applied it.
  • 6. You can’t control hair removal with threading. Tanya’s favourite method of hair removal is threading. It’s gentle on the skin, it provides a cleaner finish and it’s more hygienic. Tanya tweezes to remove the coarse hairs and to shape the brow. She then threads to tidy it to perfection removing even the tiniest of hairs.
  • 7. You can’t make eyebrows look thicker. This is a favourite myth of Tanya’s to bust and we will allow this photograph to explain why. To complete this look no eyebrow pencil or permanent makeup was used.

There you have it. 7 common myths busted. If you have any myths of your own or an alternative way of doing things, let us know in the comments below.

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